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The first Schoolyard Landscaping Project completed!

On September, 29th 18 students of 4th grade of the school № 147 under the direction of the teacher of biology Shishkina G.N remain after school to be engaged in landing of wood plants and the plants, brought in the Red book of the Samara region, on the school territory. Action is organized in the framework of the Training Center program "On a Visit to the Forest" Schoolyard Landscaping Project.

Children were looking forward to unloading plants and immediately divided into groups of those who digging and sooting. Despite the youth, students worked quickly and with high quality. Less than 2 hours were planted 58 seedlings of forest tree crops and besides, 50 fine-leaved peony rhizomes and irises (dwarf, leafless, solelyubivy, siberia)

"On a Visit to the Forest" Schoolyard Landscaping Project is supported by the Alcoa Foundation in the framework of the "Ten million trees."


Here it is - the future forest!

We will put them

It isn't easy to dig damp ground

Together work moves quickly

Our forest begins with conifers

It turned out beautifully!



Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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