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Professional orientation of students «Environmentalist as a lifestyle» - started our new project

The aim of our project "Environmentalist as a lifestyle" is to promote environmental occupational orientation among students from Alcoa partner schools through educational seminars and practical communication activities (creation and distribution of media advertisin) in the territories of the community Alcoa. Alcoa Foundation funds will also assist in the continuation of landscaping 5 school yards (so-called Eco-Zones).

This project consists of three components:

Education. Environmentalists will conduct at least 10 educational seminars on "Environmentalist as a lifestyle" for 200 students of four schools partner Alcoa. Seminars will be carried out by representatives from the government structures and the production sector, which will show the importance and responsibility of professional environmentalist to preserve a healthy environment on the planet.

Practical. Students will use the resulting knowledge at the seminars to create a social media advertising (presentations, leaflets, videos). Demonstration of students works will be organized in a boarding school № 113 for students with developmental disabilities, in violation of the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and other schools in the city. The best student work will be awarded prizes and certificates.

Visual. Participants in this program will continue landscaping the so-called eco-zones in the territory of the school. It is planned to plant at least 100 plants. This will be similar to the green zone to be established and then maintained by the students throughout the year. This will serve as a seating area for pupils and teachers.

As the final event of the project and within the community to serve the Month (Month of Service 2012) will be organized a charity event for landscaping the yard area of the boarding school № 113 for students enrolled with developmental disabilities, in violation of the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. This will be a present to students of boarding schools from all participants. We will involve all interested persons, all project participants, including volunteers, "Alcoa SMZ."

Alcoa Foundation funds will be used to organize seminars and salary of the consultants, for the purchase of plants for planting on "Eco-zones" of four school yards and a boarding school, work equipment (gloves, rakes).

The project will help students see the professional work of ecologists and understand the importance of ecological thinking, regardless of their professional choices in the future.

The project is funded by the Alcoa Foundation.

The Project Coordinator: Irina Zubkova (846) 273-49-61




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