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Green City Program: Ecological hour Alcoa at school 50

On the 17th of February, school students from 8th grade of the school 50 gathered for an unusual lesson ecological hour. Seminar The Industry and city ecology on an example of Alcoa SMZ was spent by the expert in ecological education of the Training Center for Ecology and Safety - Tatiana Guguyeva. She toldthe school children aboutthe activitiesof the TrainingCentre and itsnew project - "Green City", whichissupported byAlcoa Foundation.

Whenthe school studentslooked atthe slide-showaboutAlcoa, they were veryinterested inthe volunteer activities of the company. For the vastmajority ofthe pupils the information aboutAlcoa SMZwas new. Only 1out of 20who wasin the classroomheard aboutAlcoa, othersadmittedthat before thelessonthey havent heard anythingabout the company. Schoolboys have expressed desire to participate in city ecological actions and to take part in project competitions. So Tatiana has stopped on programs of competitions in details.

Biology teacher and school project coordinator Natalia Milunova thanked Tatiana and invited her to thefollowing ecological hours.


1. Natalia Milunova and future Ecoleader

2. In the classroom



Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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