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"Tsarev mound" - an exit action of Alcoa volunteers and the Training Center for Ecology

On the 8 of September 2012  Alcoa volunteers and the staff of the Training Center came to a natural monument "Tsarev mound". There's been a campaign to collect seeds (acorns) for the Krasnoyarsky forest district. The Promoter of the action - the Training Center for Ecology, and the participants - about 30 volunteers of Alcoa SMZ and volunteers of youth non-profit students organization - AIESEC, who came from Tunis, Egypt and Turkey.

Before an action the director of the Training Center – Igor Zubkov greeted the participants, and the Main forest warden of the Krasnoyarsk forest area - Nadejda Smirnova told about the forthcoming work

Main objectives of volunteers for today: collecting qualitative acorns in an oak grove for seed fund of a forest area and cleaning of the territory of household tourist garbage.

The barrow met volunteers gloomy and rainy weather, despite which participants of the action not only collected garbage in the forest area territory, but also gathered the whole bag of acorns for restoration of wood fund. After all, it’s not a secret for anybody that oak plantings are very difficult restored: many of young trees perish in the first 20 years of life, though some of them live to two thousand years! Besides numerous fires of the last years destroy many trees. Therefore collecting a seed material rendered essential advantage to a forest area, after all volunteers collected only the largest copies, not spoiled by wreckers.

After a little tea party near St. natural source, bravest members of the action began climbing Tsarev mound, held in the rain. But, as they ascend, the rain abated and climbed on top of the front opened a beautiful view of Volga expanses. The rain has ended and Irina Isayeva – the officer of the Training Center, conducted a small tour of the area.

For information: Tsarev mound - one of the most interesting monuments of nature. On the south-eastern slope of the hill are the layers of limestone crowded branches of coral, which are dominated by the specific forms of the Carboniferous system. They say that the layers that make up the Tsarev mound was once the bottom of the sea. Above the limestone layers are numerous coral formations with traces of bryozoans, crinoids, sea urchins, brachiopods, mollusks. Here are the most ancient geological outcrops of the Volga region, the layers are formed in the Carboniferous seas about 300 million years ago.

Going down from the top, some participants reaped a quite good crop of mushrooms that cheered up even more! Already in the bus, taking seats in places, all shared with each other impressions about an action, suggested to organize similar actions more often. And foreign guests told that the action is the best that occurred to them during visit to Samara!

The action is a part of the Green City» program, which supported by the Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa SMZ volunteers.


1. The main forest warden of the Krasnoyarsky forest area - Nadejda Smirnova and the director of Training Center - Igor Zubkov have welcomed volunteers.

2. Instructing before work

3. Together cheerfully to walk … to volunteers!

4. We collect acorns and garbage

5. Trees will grow from these acorns!

6. At the top of Tsarev mound

7. Panorama. Tsarev mound

8. To new meetings!



Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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