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«Green City» program: Results of the essay competition "Summer Eco-hour"

On September 27th 2012, in the school №162 there passed rewarding of participants of an ecological essay competition.

Competition was founded by the Management of environmental protection of Department of municipal economy and ecology of Administration Samara region within actions for ecological education of the city population. It also was led in the framework of the Green City program, which started this year in Samara.

The director of the Training Center for Ecology - Igor Zubkov greeted all gathered. He thanked children for their participation in the competition, wished them success and invited more often visit new regional environmental portal "Green Samara", created by Training Center.

The deputy head of management of environmental protection of Administration of the Samara - Ovchinnikova Tatyana praised participants of competition for a considerate attitude to questions of ecology and hoped that having become adults, they will as make thrifty use of the nature.

In total 121 school students took part in competition of the essay from 15 schools, we received 127 works.

Last spring, 35 ecological hours were held for 800 pupils. Schools students listened with great interest to the experts of the Alcoa company SMZ, Samara Botanical Garden, Experts of Water Lower Volga basin management, students and the public of the Samara State Technical University.

And it is very pleasant to see many of these children participants of competition of the ecological essay. But not only those children responded to the invitation to take part in competition: the very first work on competition was received by Training Center from Sakharova Dariya –gymnasium № 3. It is the work filled with inquisitiveness, a children's spontaneity, kindness and love to the nature and to all live.

All school works turned out interesting and instructive, forcing to stop and reflect even adults!

Tatyana Guguyeva, one of leaders of action, showed handed-over prizes: all winners receive T-shirts, baseball caps and handles with program symbolics «The green city» and an ecological box of candies with cockleshells.

1st place in addition to this receive gift cards "Sportmaster" worth 1 thousand rubles.

2nd place in addition to this are flash memory cards

3rd place - in addition to this stylish mug with the symbol of "green city."

Rewarding of winners was opened by Mikhaylova Svetlana, the schoolgirl of 6 class from school № 147 with the sincere essay in the difficult nomination «The industry and city ecology: how not to do much harm?».

Places following the results of work of competitive jury were distributed as follows:

In the nomination «Industry and city ecology: how not to do much harm?»
Diploma of 1 degree: Mikhaylova Svetlana, school No. 147
Diploma of 2 degrees: Soboleva Angelina, school No. 150
Diploma of 3 degrees: Saprykina Irina, schools No. 162

In the nomination «Especially protected natural territories of the Samara region»
Diploma of 1 degree: Tchernyshov Victoria school No. 147
Diploma of 2 degrees: Sakharov Darya gymnasium № 3
Diploma of 3 degrees: Subocheva Yana school No. 150

In the nomination «Botanical gardens of the world. Samara Botanical garden»
Diploma of 1 degree: Tanyushkina Elizabeth school No. 67
Diploma of 2 degrees: Burakshayeva Julia school No. 150
Diploma of 3 degrees: Osokina Alyona gymnasium No. 133

In the nomination «Pure water – planet and person health»
Diploma of 1 degree: Prokhorenko Alexander school No. 162
Diploma of 2 degrees: Imomova Zarina school No. 63
Diploma of 3 degrees: Mingazizova Alyona school No. 147

In the nomination «Genetically modified products»
Diploma of 1 degree: Galitskaya Anastasia school No. 162
Diploma of 2 degrees: Biryukova Ekaterina school No.147
Diploma of 3 degrees: Kistanov Ivan school No. 24

Besides, the letter of thanks for long-term cooperation according to nature protection programs, active assistance to ecological education and education of school students and as for support and development of volontersky movement in Samara the principal of № 162 Kochkurova Elena was awarded.

Shkolf-lideh by number of the sent works - school No. 147. From pupils of this school on competition 34 works were received!

The letter of thanks was handed over to the coordinator of nature protection work of school, the inspirer and the instructor of children, the enthusiast and the initiator of creation of the only thing in Samara - a school ecological museum, to the teacher of biology and ecology - Shishkina Galina.

All participants of competition, received certificates and sweet prizes upon termination of action.


1. City competition of the school essay «Summer eco - hour»

2. Participants and guests of action waiting for a ceremony

3. The director of Training Center – Igor Zubkov welcomes the gathered

4. Tatyana Ovchinnikova's opening speech

5. The winner of competition Mikhaylova Svetlana reads her own work

6. Demonstration of a prize-winning set of the winner

7. Rewarding of winners: The diploma receives Osokin Alyona, a gymnasium № 133

8. The letter of thanks is handed over to Galina Shishkina

9. To new competitions!



Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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